Limb fortress

Wednesday, May 3rd, 2020. #DreamLog I had this dream last night where my mother, Migue, and I spent long hours getting ready to go to sleep. We had decided to share the same bed because for some reason unknown we were all somehow afraid of something - So we started closing doors, and windows, checking underneath every piece of furniture in the house; making sure everything was clear and safe. The fear we shared seemed both irrational and real. I remember feeling something like this when I was a child when I could barely understand the specifics of the war I grew up in. No one would tell you why, but everyone seemed fearful; adult conversations were filled with whispers and desperate "shhh" signs, when you'd ask questions - A thin sheet of terror covered every room, ever-present; like God. That's how I felt in my dream last night. In the dream, I was my current age, although mom and Migue seemed slightly younger. I felt compelled to protect them - also a known feeling- so we got in bed and I asked them to curl up in a position in which we could hug each other and become a limb fortress - It appeared more likely that we'd survive the night that way, and so we did. In the midst of my dream, I felt how my body contorted in my real-life bed. I found the bodies of my little brother and my mom being so near me; I didn't feel cold anymore. The fear left me. I woke up entrenched among my many pillows; in a goose feather fortress. In the midst of it all, it was a good dream.